Who are we?


SpaceSense was founded by Jyotsna and Sami two entrepreneurs passionate about Space and what it could do for Humanity. Both alumnis from Ecole Polytechnique in France, they decided to return there to create SpaceSense, to be closer to reseach labs. 


SpaceSense's mission is to help data scientists and developers to leverage satellite data to gain actionable insights for their businesses. By doing so, SpaceSense's long term goal is to reduce the complexity and hence the cost of using satellite data, to make this technology into a tool that everyone can use on a daily basis at a low cost.

SpaceSense aims to achieve this mission through several ways:

  • Providing tools and expertise to easily created machine learning models using satellite data as input.

  • Making processed satellite data quickly accessible in an production environment


Agriculture is getting increasingly challenging over the years, due to climate change, regulations and population growth. At SpaceSense, we believe that one of the solution to face this challenges comes from satellite data. The information we get from Space is currently exploding, thanks to the increase in the number of satellites dedicated to Earth Observation. 

This data will be able to bring more information to the farmers, allowing them to take strategic actions at the right time. But this information will not only benefit farmers. Information from Space can be beneficial for a myriad of industries, that currently cannot afford to use this information because of this price. This will change in the coming decades with the democratization of Space data.

And at SpaceSense we believe that this democratization can only be done with a collaborative effort, and through open source tools. This is why we are working on tools that could help more people to build awesome Earth Observation based solutions that can help communities​


Jyotsna Budideti


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Sami Yacoubi


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Omar Tafsi

Data Scientist

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Gaganpreet Singh

PhD Computer Vision

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Antoine Tavant


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Tel: +336 56 84 05 77

Ecole Polytechnique

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