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Make dataset generation fast and pain-free while saving weeks and thousands of dollars

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How it works

Our service helps you generate advanced geospatial datasets without the hassle of having to build them each time, and having to manage the ingestion architecture. Thanks to our automation tools, we can build your datasets in a matter of days, helping you accelerate your product development while enabling your data scientists to focus on more valuable tasks.

The process is very simple:

1. Share your specifications: Let us know how you want the dataset to be generated, what format and what processing steps

2. Provide your data: Any type of geospatial data that you'd want combined with satellite imagery

3. We build your datacube: We follow your specifications and the dataset is build in a nearly automated way

4. Get your datacube ready to be processed: We deliver the result in the environment you want so that you can start working on it directly. We immediately delete any data that you shared with us afterwards

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The benefits of
using SpaceSence

Accelerate time to market

Save months in development time for new products, giving you a competitive advantage through an early market access.

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Save significant costs

Between the salary and the cloud processing, you save on average 45% of your costs.

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Work on valuable tasks

With this painful work out of the way, your can focus your team's energy on more valuable tasks.

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Unlock new capabilities

Thanks to our infrastructure we can process more than you could before, allowing you to build larger solutions

Hear from


our users

"I needed a training dataset combining Sentinel 1, Sentinel 2, soil moisture sensors and crop type classification over thousands of fields in Italy, and for a whole year. This would have taken weeks for my internal team. SpaceSense did it in a few days and for half of what it would have costed me if done in-house”

Matteo Vanotti

CEO at xFarm

"We have been able to quickly and effectively integrate the imagery into our platform. We have worked on a number of API connections in the past and this has been the easiest and most straightforward to date.”

Oliver Wood

Precision Technology Manager at Hutchinsons

“Thanks to SpaceSense we were able to quickly create new  cost-effective products that differentiate xFarm from their competitors.
We’ll keep building new satellite solutions with SpaceSense which will help our growers work in a simpler and more visual way.”

Matteo Vanotti

CEO at xFarm

The combinaison of our technology saved time, reduced chemical use and improve crop performance. It is a cost-effective and sustainable farming aide that can reduce soil damage and help farmers meet the increasing global demand for food.

Jack Wrangham

Founder of Drone Ag

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