• SpaceSense.Ai

    Democratizing space intelligence

  • About SpaceSense

    We help teams of developers and researchers from companies, research entities and governments build and deploy innovative solutions using Earth Observation data powered by AI, within days.

  • The SpaceSense benefits

    Our end-to-end platform simplifies complex EO-AI processes and enables developers and enterprises to focus on core product features.

    Built-in expertise

    Build powerful AI powered solutions using Earth Observation data, without the need to bring together many experts

    Quick and easy

    Your team can create, test and deploy solutions in days instead of months with Spacesense's automated framework.

    Not a black box

    SpaceSense framework is based on open source code and always provides you clear visibility on what is happening and how.

  • How it works

    Automated data preparation

    Get your data ready-to-use in no time

    Import, create or choose a training dataset directly on our framework.

    In addition, we provide algorithms designed to automatically pre-process the data (cloud removal, orthorectification...)

    Simple model training

    Train, test and compare in an accessible environment

    Use existing streamlined ML pipelines adapted to train multiples models efficiently.

    You can readily use architectures and models availables on the platform, adapt one of them or import your own.

    Quick deployment

    Deploy your solution to production in minutes

    Package your solution for a one-click deployment on our infrastructure or yours.

    You simply provide your API preferences, and your solution is ready to be called by your information systems

  • What people did with SpaceSense

    Flood damage assessment

    Insurance company

    Quickly assess asset damage to trigger insurance claims process

    Forest detection


    Monitor forest evolution over time for sustainable development

    Soil moisture

    Climate research lab

    Build a global soil moisture database to assist in climate studies

    Roof tiles

    Roofing company

    Build market intelligence for roofing material company

  • Interested?

    We would love to understand how Earth Observation can be useful in your field

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  • Who we are

    We're a team of passionate people that want to make Earth Observation accessible to all. We were created at Ecole Polytechnique and HEC, are based in Paris and supported by numerous researchers and institutes.

    We are driven by collaborative mindset, developing SpaceSense as an open source framework. Our goal is to enable more people to build awesome EO based solutions that can help communities.

  • Contact us

    3 B rue legraverend, 75012 Paris
    +33 6 56 84 05 77