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xFarm case study: The best way to get started with satellite crop monitoring

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July 8, 2020

Italy’s leading farm management solution

xFarm is Italy’s leading farm management solution. Their mobile app is used by more than 30 000 farmers over several million hectares. They provide several free features to their growers, with the possibility to upgrade to premium modules, which cover various activities like finance, weather stations, planning, irrigation management, machinery, reports and much more. xFarm managed to create a unique platform to help farmers in their work in a simple and visual manner, adapted for 21st century farming.

The challenge

Integrating cost-effective satellite data at scale

In their effort to create a the best solution for farmers xFarm recognised that they would have to integrate satellite data to remain at the forefront of innovation. They saw it at as a way to provide advanced crop information while being cost-effective, a major driver for the grower.

After a few in-house trials with beta testers they confirmed the value for the growers, but they also realized the complexity behind providing these type of insights at a large scale. xFarm started to look for a company that could both provide a turnkey solution and be a long-term partner to develop advanced solutions. After considering many options, they choose SpaceSense.

The solution

Easy-to-integrate satellite data for agronomic decision-making

Following SpaceSense’ guidance, xFarm has selected the following services:

Crop Health & Crop Performance monitoring

This service allows growers to monitor the following indicators on a 4 day basis for each of their fields:

-Greenness and grow stage

-Water stress

-Plant biomass

-Chlorophyll content

-Nitrogen content.

These indicators are provided through vegetation indices (NDVI, NDWI, NDRE, SAVI, EVI, LAI, CHI)

Variable Rate Applications

This service is a variable rate engine able to zone each field based on multiple variables defined by xFarm. With that they created:

- Nitrogen Prescription Map Tool - a fertilizer management tool which allows growers to optimize fertilizer doses for each area of the field

- Seeding Map Tool - a tool which allows growers to optimize seed input per zone based on the historical field productivity map

This data is delivered through APIs which are themselves very customisable. They provide the images, but also the raw values and statistics to simply create analytics. xFarm is informed as soon as a new image is available through a notification system and they can create categories for each type of customer subscriptions.

The result

A Space-driven growth machine

In less than 3 months, xFarm was able to go from 0 to 400 000 hectares covered by satellite data. They were able to release 3 new products based on satellite data and it drove their conversion rate to paying clients up significantly.

Additionally, it gave them the ability to start on more advanced satellite-based data. xFarm is currently working with SpaceSense to add new services related to irrigation management, sustainability certification and soil classification, all of it based on satellite data.

Hectares covered
New products
New paying clients
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our customers

Thanks to SpaceSense we were able to quickly create new cost-effective products that differentiate xFarm from their competitors. We’ll keep building new satellite solutions with SpaceSense which will help our growers work in a simpler and more visual way.

Matteo Vanotti

CEO of xFarm

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